We Will Wait



We Will Wait

There has been a bounty put out on Tim Tebow’s virginity. There is an organization that says they will pay $1 million to any woman that will come forward and prove that she has had sex with Tim. This came in response to a press conference where Tim was asked if he was waiting until he was married, in which he responded, “Yes.”  That sparked a myriad of responses. Some saying he hasn’t, others saying he can’t, and still some saying he shouldn’t. This is outrageous! Regardless of your religious beliefs or background, we can all respect a person’s values. We all respect the authentic, and to this point, that is exactly what Tim Tebow has proven to be, authentic.

Many believe it has become a cultural expectation to have sex before marriage. It has become about safe sex rather than faithful sex. There are even some who believe fidelity is an outdated character value.  To many times it seems we see sex as an activity rather than an expression of love, and we are experiencing the results of these beliefs. Many people make decisions in high school or college thinking that those decisions will be isolated from their adult lives and marriages. Then one day find things falling apart because they were never able to conquer sexual habits that were created in the name of fun.  The term, casual sex, has become a generational icon.

Though we label it casual, to often our hearts and emotions know it’s anything but.

We believe the damage is greater than we realize and many times won’t be understood until we are in a marriage and fighting to remain faithful but struggling with habits that were built on a foundation of casual sex. Our hope is that our commitment to casual sex hasn’t robbed us of our ability to restore its value once in marriage, but it seems that it has. Because of what sex has become, many will struggle to experience the true love that it is meant to be an expression of. By the time we get married, the habit of it being an exercise in self-gratification will be so ingrained in our minds that our marriages will be built on selfish moments of lust only giving to receive. By making sex casual we have robbed marriage and the concepts of family long before people even get to that phase of life.

Even with these cultural realities, there are still some that choose to wait until they are married to have sex. Even more that know the pain of losing something that they can’t get back and have made the choice to start today and wait. There are some who choose not to “drink the Kool-Aid” and make a stand for themselves rather than bow to broken cultural beliefs. This is not a call to perfection but rather a focus on the value of an individual.

For those who know the pain of these decisions we encourage you to address your pain. Today you can make a choice to heal. For those who have yet to and are still virgins we encourage you to wait until marriage.

There is a movement standing up across America. One that says, “We Will Wait.” Not in a condemning way to those who think different but in an inviting way saying you to can guard yourselves. Because when you choose to wait you’re not just saving your sex for marriage you’re saving your mind for marriage. We believe that our best years are yet to come and we want to live for our futures, not the moment.

So what can you do?

#1 – Choose to join the movement, “We Will Wait,” by making a stand to wait until you are married to have sex. Regardless of your past choices today can be the day that you choose make a decision to put your future first.

#2 – Share your age, city, and choice to wait with the world. Using your social networking venues, http://www.facebook.com/wewillwait,   and by posting it on http://www.wewillwait.org get your message out. Create a video, write a blog, post a photo, or really anything that you can do to make a statement that you are choosing to wait. Join the thousands that have all ready made this decision and send a message to all who will listen.

#3 – Show your support for your favorite athlete, artist, or actor that you know also has chosen to wait. At the end of your video or blog simple say thank you to that person. Just showing them that they are making a difference will continue to give them strength to stand.

If we all come together this movement can make a difference to restore truth to this country and take the casual back out of sex.


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